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Support those who commit

to responsible actions.

Encouraged by increasingly concerned consumers who becoming more attentive to where their food comes from and how it is made, Tippagral proves that it is possible to propose products from elsewhere, without compromising on respect for producers and the environment.

Ireland is an innovative and pioneering country when it comes to virtuous farming practices, soil preservation, protecting biodiversity, and promoting animal welfare.

Our Bóglas cheddar range represents proven expertise, an advanced quality culture, and a clear attachment to the nature‑blessed lands of Ireland and their produce. Choosing Bóglas means choosing to support those who commit to responsible actions.

Choosing Bóglas Irish cheddar means



more ethical, more sustainable farming practices to promote better health for people and animal welfare.



tradition, vocations, unique expertise that combines heritage with modernity.


farmers who take care of their cows and our planet.

Happy cows

not just being milked dry!

Instead of intensive dairy product systems based on maximised output, Irish farmers have opted for quality and animal well-being.

In their farms, the animals receive kindness and care. The farmers ensure that each cow has enough room to move around freely, which makes them stronger and calmer.
They feed almost exclusively on fresh grass and forage, which adds to the characteristic flavour of Irish cheddar.

Our mascot Bóglas

In Ireland, grass is

really is greener

terre agricole





Origin Green, the national sustainability programme

for the food industry in Ireland

This fully integrated programme, headed by Bord Bia, covers the entire food industry from farmers to food producers, food service and retail sectors, with the shared goal of producing sustainable food.

A love of the land that goes into the product…

…and to future generations!

Irish farmers have a strong connection to their land.

They have learned to understand the cycles of nature, respect the seasons, and work in harmony with the resources available. They are committed to sustainable farming practices that preserve the assets and balance of local eco-systems.
They practice reasoned management of their pastures, allowing the cows to graze freely, mostly eating fresh grass.

This encourages biodiversity and soil health, and preserves water resources.

In Ireland, dairy farms are family operations that are handed down from one generation to the next. It is not just a job, but a vocation that farmers want to pass on to their children, teaching them to respect and remain humble with regard to nature.

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Proposing high-quality cheese at a reasonable economic and environmental cost is the foundation of our business model.

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