Who is Bóglas?
She is our ambassador, a green cow who is a fierce defender of animal welfare.

After suffering from burn-out a couple of years ago, she made a radical decision to change her lifestyle and hoofed over to Ireland. here, she discovered a paradise of luxuriant green, populated by kind farmers, and witnessed new relationships between man, beast and nature. She finally felt at home.

Realising how lucky she was, she could not simply rest on her udder and therefore set out to promote the well-being of her cow-leagues. In response to growing dissatisfaction, she asserts the rights of each cow over its own milk. Because too much udder-action is bad for morale!

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action and inspiration

With the help of the Irish farming community, she campaigns for those who commit to responsible actions. During her happy wanderings, she strives to raise awareness and works with farmers to develop practices that are more respectful of people, cattle and the planet.

At Tippagral, we are udderly proud that she accepted to lend her face and name to our new range of Cheddar. Boglas, a cow whose travels have added to her long life experience, grazes from one pasture to the next, studying livestock farming methods throughout the world.

Together, we want to prove that Ireland is THE country that makes the best cheddar, from meadow to table.

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My cow-leagues and I

are UDDERLY lucky.

We really can claim to have found happiness in the meadows here.
That’s where we live, almost all year round.

Our workplace is in breath-taking lush green pastures under the open skies.
It’s a-graze-ingly beautiful!

Here, we are well-treated and held in good esteem. We are respected and looked after.

#best place to pis

Find out more about our Boglas Grated Cheddar


is Ireland

Here, we have no problems to ruminate over, life is cool.

Here, we eat well, we eat healthily, we eat fresh grass.

Here, strong relationships develop between man and beast. Just look how happy we are: say CHEESE!

“Here” is Ireland.

We produce good milk because we are not just cash cows. And that makes good cheddar because, along with the rest of the herd, top quality is our bullseye.

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