About us

We have one hundred years’ experience in dairy products, so you could say we’re something of a big cheese!

Our century-long experience in manufacturing dairy products proves our know-how and our capacity for adaptation to market changes.

Our reputation is currently founded on our key brands, Davoine and Tippagral.

One has been a reference in the cheese industry for over 30 years in France, while the other is a vector of innovation, guaranteed quality and continuity of the products we propose.

nos clientsServing our customers
is our priority

At Tippagral, the customer is king

We do all we can to ensure their satisfaction

Our customers are the focus of our concerns and our employees are the key to our success.

Customers are informed, advised and reassured at every stage of our dealings; we listen to and answer their every question… At Tippagral, this is all part of the job.

We have a single goal:
to ensure total customer satisfaction in every area!

Proven know-how to serve our customers throughout the world

We are always one step ahead!


Analysing and understanding the market, its changes and developments, its trends and variations according to the economic and commercial situation


Negotiating the best products with the best possible value for money to serve our customers efficiently


Building stocks to ensure “permanent” stock availability to match our order volumes


Checking quality and transforming the bulk product into 5 formats and mixes, or customisation according to your specifications


Dispatching orders as quickly as possible!

Proven know-how to serve our customers throughout the world

Excellence is not optional