Tippagral, cheese supplier for non-domestic catering professionals and the agro-food industry

Some will say it’s just cheese. But it’s much more than that for us! We bring that element of comfort to a sandwich enjoyed at lunchtime, the fun of sharing a pizza with friends, the fresh bite of a summer salad savoured on a shady terrace. Tippagral, is THE partner of all your cheesy pleasures.

Our cheeses are the ingredient you need to satisfy the palates of even your most discerning customers. Constant quality, affordable, easy-to-use product ranges for all recipes, enabling you to focus on producing deliciously appetizing culinary creations.

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BRASSERIES brasseries

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Market expertise, rates, supply and demand, trends... we are masters in our market!

A broad, comprehensive offer

We serve all food professionals

Our customers are industrial manufacturers, retailers, etc. as well as community and commercial caterers. We propose a full range in traditional formats: grated, block, shredded, slices, cubes, etc., alongside a wide choice of customised formats for specific requests and projects.

Why choose Tippagral?

Find out the ingredients of our success!


A proven capacity to anticipate market fluctuations and consumer trends.


An automated factory, latest generation scalable machines to dispatch orders as quickly as possible.


A wide, detailed range (expert services, standard and customised products)


A historic company with a parent company that has been processing dairy products for over a century.


A solid, hands-on management team involved in everyday business to advise, assist, produce and deliver

About us

We are a responsible company

We implement practical CSR actions every day

As a historic business, we think about the future generations and our focus is on sustainable economic management. We act every day to limit the environmental impacts of our activity in the long-term. Human relations and animal well-being are also very important to us. Various initiatives are deployed in the company to guarantee the common good and the satisfaction of our teams.

Our commitments

The Tippagral range

Melt before our tasty cheeses

The “Tippagral cheese touch” guarantees constant quality and formats adapted to the requirements and recipes of all our Chef customers.

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Tippagral serves catering professionals, manufacturers and retailers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and overseas territories

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