Our commitments

entreprise avenirOur company sees the future as an open field of opportunities

A virtuous business model

We work with nature

Consumers are increasingly opting for food produced and processed using manufacturing methods that respect the planet and the future of its inhabitants.

For many years already, Tippagral’s development has been built on a sustainable business model.

The cheeses we select come from farms that implement virtuous practices. Our good practices are particularly focussed on reasoned and ethical consumption of raw materials and the management of packaging and packing materials.

Some will say it’s just cheese

For us, it is a commitment to the future

Our CSR policy forms the foundation of our commitment for future generations. Our business model is based on proposing quality cheese at a reasonable economic and environmental cost.

Our customers, suppliers and employees are the precious partners of this approach.

For our sales collaborations, we strive to develop healthy, lasting relationships, based on respect, transparency and ethical conduct.

Sustainable initiatives throughout the value chain.

From sourcing to production.


We prefer “green” origin products and cows that spend 9 months a year in pastures


Zero paper is our daily goal!
Plastic is our enemy. We only use it when we are required to do so


All our waste is sorted and recycled


We deliver our unsold goods to various partner food banks


We are involved in organisations and structures that act to protect the environment


Our digitisation approach involves the optimisation and modernisation of our production systems

Benevolent management

Our employees are our most precious asset

At Tippagral, our employees are the focal point of our organisation. We prevent all risks affecting the working environment, and check the procedures and application of health rules.

Our employees are committed to their work and their company, demonstrating their efficiency on a daily basis.

We encourage and train them to establish the foundations of a lasting professional relationship. They contribute to the results of the company and help strengthen our values.

collaborateurs jeunnesseWe believe and invest in youth!